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Welcome =D


Welcome to the home of Erollisi's Tear on the WWW!

What we are about is simple - one another. For those that are selfish and serve only the needs of their own heart, though you may observe, you will never be part of the heart of what we are. For those that wish to serve others and devote themselves to a good not their own, you are home at last.

Erollisi's Tear is a guild for those who have sought these things elsewhere. It is a home for the homeless. A place of rest for the wanderer. It is that place where the small became great and the timid become renowned.

We are a family guild on the nameless server of Everquest. We welcome anyone who adheres to our ideals and values. Though we are a family guild, we do enjoy raiding and progressing. Our current guild focus is Anguish, DoN encounters, and SoD progression. We are currently building up our membership to prepare for harder raid encounters. We welcome all to our little band who will walk with us in the light.

Poll Question Close Date
Would you be interested in having a fun guild duel event? No mercs and self-buffs only! Winner: "Maybe" 4 weeks, 2278 days ago
What would you like to see us raid Winner: "SoD" 4 weeks, 2388 days ago
What do you think of gnomies? Winner: "They are veritable gods!" 4 weeks, 2475 days ago
Erollisi's Tear News

ET no longer active

Laeandoria, Aug 5, 10 6:10 AM.
For those that dont know, I am back. But I have decided not to rebuild ET. Was a good run and will miss being guilded with most of you.

Yet again...more officer changes! BIG NEWS

Sorrily, Jul 14, 09 9:12 PM.
We are saddened by Laea's recent retirement and wish him the best of luck in his RL endeavors. As your new leader I promise to keep with Laea's basic rules and help you to achieve the goals each of you have. We will be holding a meeting in the near future to discuss this but congratulations are in order!

Congratulations to the following promotions!
Ocikat as XO
Demoniss as ATC
Stedfast as RO
and when he and I can get on at the same time...Deern as RO

I am in need of some COs if anyone is interested PLEASE let me know!!

Thank you all for your support! And Laea keep in touch!!!!

YAY for more officer changes =D

Laeandoria, Jun 20, 09 1:40 PM.
Gratz to Demoniss on his promotion to Combat Officer! We also need to congratulate Sikni on her promotion to Executive Officer and Ocikat on her promotion to Senior Recruiting Officer! I am surrounded by gurlz omgz!!!

I also want to take this oppurtunity to apologize to everyone for my neglect of the guild these last 9 months or so. For those that dont know, my mom passed away in November and I have had a very difficult time with that and with get resettled in NC. I have decided to make the guild one of my priorities again and hope to see us moving on to bigger and better things.

I am restructuring the guild somewhat and giving it a little more of a raid format. I will also be putting people in place as raid leaders so that less of that burden is on me.

We will be recruiting heavily for a bit and building a real raid force so we can move from pick up raiding to guild raiding. We also want to look toward getting everyone geared up so that we can move toward some more serious raids and more uber gear. Let your friends know we are recruiting =D


Laeandoria, May 3, 09 11:39 PM.
Erollisi's Tear celebrated its second birthday today with cake booze and PVP!!! We had a PVP joust! Demoniss won the 1 on 1 tournament making him the new guild PVP Champion! Gratz Demoniss!!!

Teadarson steps down

Laeandoria, Apr 27, 09 4:12 PM.
Everyone please join me in thanking Teadarson for her hard work as my advisor and as a senior officer these last 2 years. She has decided to step down and just be a member for a while.
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